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31st-Dec-2015 02:07 pm - SOULGEMMED ♈ INFORMATION
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OOC Information

Player: Nevada
Contact Information: AIM (goodbyeglamourous) / [ profile] spectrophile

The Handmaid

Canonpoint: Soon after completes her training, attempts to run away, and begins serving Lord English.
Age: unstated, presumably around 18 human years
Wish: "I wish to never serve anyone so that I can destroy only for myself."
Result: Pretty simply -- she got to escape to a universe without Lord English.
Weapon: Kusari-fundo. A chain weapon with weights at either end.
Outfit: Coming soon!


» ACTIVE: BINDING CHAINS - Her wish to no longer be bound by servitude manifests in a physical way with the ability to bind her opponents in large chains with a lock in the center. If the lock is broken (with weapons or magic), the chains release. The longer the chains are in place, the quicker her soul gem darkens.
» PASSIVE: SUPER STRENGTH - Due to her wish still desiring to destroy, Handmaid's passive ability is having super strength. It's contingent on her mood and at it's strongest when she's angry.



Backtagging: Sure! I backtag forever.
Threadhopping: Ask, but usually yes.
Fourthwalling: Ask me with specifics. I prefer no in general, but Homestuck is a pretty fourth-wally canon (especially with regards to Handmaid/her room) so there are instances where I'd allow it.
Offensive subjects: None.


Romance: This would be a slow burn considering the character, but I'm not opposed.
Violence: 100% yes. I prefer to plot things out/have a general idea, but I'm fine with this.
Killing: Ask me, but it's possible.
Telepathy/Mind-Reading/Mind Control: Since she doesn't have her canon powers, I don't see why this wouldn't be possible. Just plot with me!

Warnings: The Handmaid is not a nice character, so a lot of her CR tends to be on the negative side. If you'd rather not deal with this, let me know!

And also, of course, as a Homestuck, she tends to write in a quirk. I can either write the comment out plainly in brackets or ditch the quirk entirely. If you have a preference, let me know!
20th-Dec-2015 09:13 pm - SOULGEMMED ♈ APPLICATION
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Player name: Nevada
Contact info: prefer PMs / aim @ goodbyeglamourous but also available on plurk @ [ profile] spectrophile
Other characters currently played: 0

Character name: The Handmaid (also referred to as The Demoness & Damara Megido)
Age: unstated, presumably around 18 human years
Canon: Homestuck
Canonpoint: Soon after completes her training, attempts to run away, and begins serving Lord English.

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